Why Video Is So Powerful For Social Media

Social Media is a busy place, it’s like going to a mall except almost every brand and store is trying to get your to come inside and look at their products or service. Oh, and did I mentioned more than half the world’s population is inside the mall with you. So, yeah, it’s a crowded place to say the least.

Now, from a businesses point of view, you’ve picked one hell of a mall to open up shop. There are people walking past your store 24/7, it’s madness! However, we also forgot to mention that in the mall, pretty much right next to you are all your competitors, yes even that crap store that you thought would never have a chance.

So, now the real question is. How Do You Stand Out? Well, that’s the one thing you and Pepsi have in common. Well, sharing a status update is easy, in fact everyone can do it. Take a picture is also pretty simple. Taking a professional picture that is appealing gets a bit more challenge. Creating a video targeted to your audience is tough but therein lies the whole point of this article. Doing the things that your competitors aren’t is the best way to stand out.

Yes, we know, you make jewelry for a living, now you’re suppose to go and be Michael Bay? Well, no, but there are a number of way to still create effective video with that will stay within your budget. First, you most likely have one of the most powerful cameras in your pocket. Your smart phone can take unbelievably good video and with a couple tweaks you’ll be on your way.

Not interested in doing it yourself, well, you can always hire outside help to get the job done. I’ve worked with a number of video creators over the past few years. Hop onto your local search engine and look around for a good pick. I simply searched “video production san francisco”  and got connected with a great company that’s close to me in the Bay Area. Just a word of advice, make sure you check out examples of their work and don’t forget to see their social media platforms. You want to partner with someone who understands the value of social media.

Another great way is to make a video slideshow from your photos. Check out https://www.kizoa.com/Video-Editor. Throw some music in there and add your text and boom, you’re way ahead of Bob’s Charms from down the road who’s still advertising in the local newspaper. Pffft. Get it together Bob!!

Hopefully, this has a started to generate some ideas and ways your can start effectively using video to stand out.

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