Why Social Media Works for Small Businesses

Social media marketing or SMM as it’s more commonly know has been a boom for many small to medium businesses looking to make there mark online.

Whether it’s keeping and maintaining an active social media account, sharing videos on YouTube, or a up-keeping that twitter account, businesses that understand how to do social media right can connect with customers on a level many brands dream off. This also allows them to, in turn, get their brand out to the larger internet community, both locally and nationally.

There are several reasons why social media has been a boon for small businesses.
Reason #1: Bigger bang from fewer bucks
One of the great things about social media is that a small business can begin with little to no funding and scale things at a pace that suits their needs. No need to $25k on a magazine ad.

Reason #2: Ability to be themselves
You don’t need a persona online, you can really use this as an opportunity to show that there is a real person behind the brand and build authentic relationships with customers.

Reason #3: No need for technical expertise
Social media is designed for the every day user, so the learning curve isn’t steep at all. These companies what to make using their platforms as easy as possible so you continue to use it in the future.